Our Message to Europe

We are EU4YA, a collective of artists sharing a common passion for music and its power to uplift and inspire. Our vision is to promote a unified European Cultural identity through our unique performances and programs. EU4YA’s diverse background, vast network and thirst for collaboration is representative of an inclusive Europe, striving for greater cooperation and artistic innovation. Our dynamic stage performances and interactive workshops for young people transport our cultural vision to a wide audience and is perfectly scalable. From the smallest villages to the sprawling metropolises, our audience is as diverse as Europe itself.

Our Program

Through our music educational program we aim to inspire the adults of the future by showing them that cooperation is the key to an improved society. The aspiration of our workshops is to collaborate together with young people from all over Europe with a message of inclusion and diversity. Together we write a story that allows them to feel part of a big orchestra and that identifies them not only as citizens of their nation but of a unified Europe.

We offer children and young adults the opportunity to engage with the colorful european culture in various workshops. 

 The main message of EU4YA is inclusivity. Collaborations with other artists are an integral part of our mission.


Our goal is that through our concerts, the spark of our vision will spread to all spectators by celebrating together.

Meet our Artist

Monica Villarroel

Monica Villarroel (Chili, °1980) studied architecture and left Chili to follow love and came to Europe.
She has been living in Belgium for almost 10 years and during that period she devoted herself to her biggest passion of all: painting. She was given the opportunity to have an exposition and since then the artist “Moni Celsi” was born, as a tribute to her mother.

The oeuvre of Monica breathes imagination, character and passion, but the common thread throughout her work is colour. What strikes Monica the most since she has been living in Europe is the lack of colour.

During our wonderful festival in Berlin, Monica has created three fantastic works of art, which through the impressions and passion of the musicians and spectators. The special, the artworks belong together and are to be considered as a unified work of art.

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