Eclectic fusion of rumba, folk, blues, African beat and other influences

About us

The word Tribubu comes from the Spanish word Tribu (tribe) and sababou (word in bambara that stands for „It’s because of you that I’m here“).
Tribubu is the consequence of three friends, Lucas, Dani and Brahima, getting to know each other, as destiny wrote it that way.

The music of Tribubu is an eclectic fusion of rumba, folk, blues, African beat and other influences.  The live show that Tribubu offers is dynamic, happy and upbeat. Lyrics that engage the public creating an exciting and participative atmosphere. Tribubu is a a mix of powerful words and messages with an infinite amount of melodies and rhythms.

Lucas’s songwriting skills and qualities on the guitar make him a very versatile musician, and his years of experience have given him the capacity to understand what the audience needs. Dani Torres is very influenced by southern rhythms but has also studied western styles of music like blues, Country and Folk. Dani will surprise the audience with his rapping and lyric writing. Brahima is a melody and rhythm making machine, he makes listening to this band a very unique experience.

Our Music

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